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Best Men Shoes in Pakistan Can be Found at Studio Footwear

Best Men Shoes in Pakistan Can be Found at Studio Footwear

Pakistani men do not live in 70s or 80s or even 90s.

That time has long gone when khaki pants, white shirts and black shoes were sort of considered undeclared uniform for men.


Nowadays, men demand just as many colors, designs, patterns and choices as women do.

And Studio Footwear gives them the freedom to make their own style statement – at least as far as men shoes are concerned.

Here are different types of men shoes that you can find on our website.


Now, we do admit that when we say that we allow men to pick from a diverse range of shoes, we cannot compete with women shoes.

We sell sandals for men. So, far we sell different iterations of much loved Peshawari chappals/sandals, but very soon we will add more colors and styles to our range.

Nonetheless, if you love original leather Peshawari sandals, you must give us a try because we offer high-quality real leather chappals at very affordable rates.

Something that every shoe selling joe cannot do.


Men love their slippers. And you must know this in case you’re a man or a woman who has been buying shoes for her father, brothers, husband or son.

This is a new category, but we have already finalized shoes and we will soon add more to the category.


And by shoes, we mean all sorts of formal and casual shoes that a man can crave for.

Loafers, boots, moccasins – with laces or without laces, you name it we have it.

Even though Studio Footwear is a new store and even though our collection is still in the growth phase, you can take a look at the designs and you’d definitely be able to find something that you ever wanted.

Psst .. in case, in your Facebook feed you’ve been watching those calf leather shoes priced at an arm and a leg, do know that we provide you the same quality shoes at only 2/3rd the price.