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How This Online Shoe Store in Pakistan Manages to Sell High Quality Shoes at  Affordable Rates

How This Online Shoe Store in Pakistan Manages to Sell High Quality Shoes at Affordable Rates

Ours is an online shoe store in Pakistan. Every week we ship many shoes to the doorsteps in

Karachi and all over Pakistan.

Our customers love us because of different reasons.

First of all, before ever this pandemic jolted our world, another pandemic had us all


It was the pandemic of selling same, usual, old and boring stuff that everyone else was also


Our clients love us, because we always have a finger on the pulse of latest trends and what

every shoe-lover expects from a shoe shop.

Secondly, because we offer high-quality shoes at very affordable rates.

Let us see how we do this.

We Save When We Buy

This is the only business principle irrespective of whatever you do. The flip side – because

you save, so do your customers.

Most of the handmade leather shoes for men and women that we sell online are actually made

at our own facility. Then there are those shoes that we get from other manufacturers.

We save money, when we buy the raw material and then we save some more by hiring

craftsmen who do not cost as an arm and a leg.

Also, we only buy shoes from the manufacturers who are known for making high-quality

shoes, but who sell them at affordable wholesale rate.

We save money and this is how you save money, because we keep our prices low.

 You Save When We Sell

As I said, we keep our prices low. When you compare our rates to other handmade leather

shoes rates in the market, you see that our rates are very reasonable.

We do so because we save money while buying stuff.

And we offer you good prices over handmade sandals and shoes because we keep our profit

margin very reasonable.