How to select right footwear for you?

How to select right footwear for you?

Shoes make or break your entire look. Selection of your footwear is crucial according to the look that you want to adopt or the place or occasion demands. 

Expand your horizon while you are selecting a pair of footwear. Spend some time pondering over:

The place where you intend to wear

Number of hours you may have to put them on

How much movement you expect while wearing them

Never consider price reduction or sale season a reason to buy you a pair of shoes or sandals. 

Here we are discussing few of footwear varieties available in market for men. 


We recommend that every man must have a pair of loafer in wardrobe. When you will find about the variety of styles in loafers, you will for sure end up buying many. There are horsebit loafer, tassel loafer, single and double monkstrap loafers and many more. You can select which one suits your personality and outlook.

Monk Straps:

Monk straps come in single and double strap variety while they remain the popular choice for men. If you wear it with style and grace, they will suit both the occasions: formal and casual. You can select black or brown colored monk straps if want to wear with a suit while for a denim jeans dress, you have open color options.


Your wardrobe is incomplete if you do not have sneakers. They are the best option for everyday wear. They suit with your regular outfit as well as formal attire. What they offer for your personality is a youthful look which you cannot have with other types of shoes. 

Whatever is your selection of footwear for the next shopping, Studio Footwear has a wide variety to offer you. Check out our online store and buy your desired footwear.