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Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Shopping over the internet has become the new comfort zone due to the spread of Covid-19 Pandemic.
The bitter reality is that the pandemic is not going anywhere and humans need to learn and live with it since it is the new normal.

Online shopping witnessed a drastic spike in Pakistan in 2019 due to Covid-19 and there has been both the negatives and positive outcomes. the virtual world has benefitted the most out of all where people started buying online whether it is eatables, clothing, shoes, medicine, and other necessities to avoid  human interaction. both the necessities and luxury items were preferred being bought online. 

The seasonal buying of clothing and shoes were not left behind. businesses did find themselves in loss but the brands which were focused towards online platform were the happiest. hence online clothing and shoe stores had witnessed great sales from time to time while the traditional physical outlets faced decline in profits. with the hit of pandemic, the necessities took the toll on luxuries and they were completely subsided for first six months. as people realized covid being the new normal, slowly online shopping started to flourish and to date it is the preferred mode of shopping.